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Admission Opening hours
Adult 5,00 €
Discount ticket €3,50
Under 18 years Free admission

1 June-31 Aug., Mon-Sun 11am-5pm
1 Sept.-13 Jan, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm
(closed 6. Dec. 24-26 Dec.)
Office: mon-fri on request
Archive: Tuesdays 3pm-6pm

Contact information

Fiskars Museum
Peltorivi 13
FI-10470 Fiskars, Finland
Tel. +358 (0)45 1808111

Fiskars Museum Office
Peltorivi 26
FI-10470 Fiskars, Finland
info (at)

Pohja local history archive
Peltorivi 11
FI-10470 Fiskars
+358 (0)44 0500854
arkivet (at)




Nowadays the Fiskars Ironworks is a popular destination for different kinds of groups. The museum offers an opportunity to get to know the history of the Ironworks through items and exciting stories. Contact us in advance by phone or email, and we will help plan your visit to the museum. You can find additional information on other places to visit at the Fiskars Ironworks on their website.

Guided Tours of the Museum max. 25 people

In Laura's Footsteps

The Contorist Laura Holmström had a dream. She wanted to put on display items and memories she had gathered from her local area. Come and see how a dream came true! The museum building is renovated and a new exihibition is built up during the year 2014.

All-inclusive guided tour of the museum exhibitions



Language: Finnish, Swedish, English
Duration: ca. 1 h
Admission: €5,00/adult, €1/child, €3,50/discounted ticket (min. 10 people groups)
Guidance fee: €50/group, €70/group (on weekends)

We can even arrange shorter guided tours for children. The guide fee is 25 €/group week days, 35 €/group weekends.


A glimpse of Aunt Lulla's Fiskars

Dramatized guided tour in the museum basic exhibition. Louise von Schlüter worked her last years as a housekeeper in Fiskars. Aunt Lulla became a popular villager with interest in the local Theatre.

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English
Duration: 45 min
Admission: €5,00/adult, €3,50/discounted ticket (min. 10 people groups)
Guidance fee: €65/group, €90/group (on weekends)

We can even arrange dramatized tours for children. The guide fee is 35 €/group week days, 45 €/group weekends.

Christmas in Fiskars Ironworks

Once a year the museum is decorated for Christmas and a smell of ginger bred and sound of violin meets the visitors when they arrive. Experience the Chistmas of Fiskars on a guided tour! 

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English>
Duration: 45 min
Admission: €3,50/adult
Guidance fee: €50/group, €70/group (on weekends)



Planning Your Visit

Access and group size

The museum has exhibitions in three different 19th century buildings: the main building, the shed and Slaggbyggnaden. Because of the age of the buildings, rooms are small and there are stairs and thresholds. We have limited groups sizes to a maximum of 25 people so that the guided tours would be as successful as possible. For big groups we recommend splitting the group in half and having the tour in two smaller groups. In this case, the fee for the tour is doubled.

Near the museum at Tohtorin tori (Peltorivi 26), is a parking lot where buses can be parked. If necessary, our guides will come to the parking lot to welcome you. The main building is on a hill about 50 metres from the parking lot.

Reservations and payment

Group visits must always be reserved in advance at the museum's office: info (at) or Museum Educator Susanna Louneva +358 (0)44 5752874. Cancellations must be made at the latest on the preceding day by 4pm. If you do not cancel, a full fee will be charged. For guided tours outside opening hours we charge a minimum of €70/group. The invoice fee is €5. Please let us know your invoice adress in advance.