Airing out your folk costume on 5th of August

On 5th of August different events take place nationally where you can air out your folk costume. This day is the birthday of the folk costume in Finland, and the first “ costume airing”-event was a picnic organized in Imatra 11 years ago. This tradition has since spread to different parts of the country. The idea behind these events is to function as informal gatherings surrounded by folk costumes. They are often organized by private enthusiasts and hobbyists, or by local sections of the Kalevala Womens’s Association. Fiskars museum welcomes all owners of folk costumes and regional costumes to an informal “costume airing”-gathering at the Fiskars museum. Wearing a folk costume also gives you free entry to the museum the whole day on 5th of August.

Airing folk costumes of Pohja 5.8.2020. Curator Maria Ollikainen and Museum hostess Trude Lindholm.

Source: Craft Museum of Finland

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