Christmas Celebrations of the Fiskars Museum at Hammarbacken

Christmas Celebrations of the Fiskars Museum at Hammarbacken


The Christmas exhibit offers a traditional, old-fashioned serene environment to relax in. Christmas will be celebrated from the first Sunday of Advent to Epiphany. This year, traditional workshops which one can partake in won’t be available. Instead you can observe as the folks in the Ironworks prepare for christmas  by  completing various chores. In connection with your visit, you can also purchase Christmas presents in the museum shop and during the weekends visit Café Hammarbacken. We do recommend that adults use face masks during their visits. Fiskars Museum reserves the right to changes.

Christmas Exhibition “Train Driver’s Christmas” and ideas for presents

Why is there a Christmas tree hanging from the roof in the workers’ room? In the living room, coffee has been served and Christmas presents are on display. The Christmas and New Year’s celebrations of the Ironworks villagers can be sensed in the traditional Christmas exhibition.

Buy personal Christmas gifts in the Museum Shop! As a novelty, we are pleased to announce the arrival of baking tins shaped in the form of Pikku-Pässi, the historical steam engine of Fiskars, and Karin von Julin paper dolls.

This year we won’t have the Traditional Christmas Opening event, but we have free admission on Saturday 28th of November at 11 am. to 4 pm. More about the Museum’s opening hours You find in here.

Ironworks Villagers’ Christmas Chores

In December, the folks in the Ironworks are in a hurry to prepare for Christmas. You can see how to make Christmas candles and ‘himmeli’ straw decoration in the Bakery House or the Main Building. More information about Chores You find here.

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