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The 5th of August is the birthday of the folk costume in Finland. The day is celebrated by “ costume airing”-events and picnics all around Finland. They are often organized by private enthusiasts and hobbyists, or by local sections of the Kalevala Womens’s Association. The events are usually informal gatherings were, the most important things, is to meet, enjoy and celebrate the folk costume.

Fiskars museum welcomes all visitors to take part in the folk costume picnic event in the museum garden 5th of August 11am to 5pm. Hot and cold drinks, sweet and salty pastries can be bought in Café Hammarbacken. If you prefer, you can bring your own picnic. For them who wear a folk costume or regional costume, we offer free admission to the museum exhibitions and a free cup of coffee in Café Hammarbacken during the day. If the weather is good, we will also arrange a work display in traditional haymaking and have live accordion music. Welcome to join us!

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