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Study Material

If you are unable to visit the Museum or the Archive, you can borrow ready-made educational packages to your school such as the archive suitcase. The suitcase contains educational material, for example, ready-made questions and copies of original archive material and museum items connected to a specific theme.

You can borrow the suitcase free of charge for two weeks.

For Pupils

Captain Kongo’s Suitcase
(ages 9-12)

The contents of the suitcase lead us all the way to Africa in the footsteps of Captain Kongo, who lived in Pohja. It includes ready-made coursework that pupils can do with the help of their teacher. The assignments include e.g. creating a comic strip of the boat voyage, inspecting old photographs and writing with an old fountain pen.

The study material is available only in Swedish and Finnish. The original archive material in the suitcase is in Swedish.

The Archive Suitcase 1918 (for Upper Secondary School pupils)

The Archive Suitcase 1918 is alternative learning material, which complements history teaching in Upper Secondary School. The material is especially suitable to assist the course “Turning points in the history of Finland”. The educational theme is the Finnish War of Independence or the Civil War in 1918, as it is also called. Included in the suitcase are, for example, photographs, material from the archive, assignments and directions for the teacher. Please note that this suitcase is only available in Swedish.

The study material in available only in Swedish.

Travel to Old Fiskars (internet-based material for Elementary School pupils)

When was the Ironworks at Fiskars founded? What kind of occupations where there at the Ironworks? Why where common bakeries used? At what age did children from workers’ families attend school? 

This minor educational portfolio will take you to Old Fiskars, and in general the adventure takes place in the 19th century environment. Questions for Elementary School pupils are found at the end of the file. The material can freely be used for educational purposes. The material is suitable for use at school or in a distant learning environment.

The study material is available in Swedish and Finnish.

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