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The Fiskars Museum preserves cultural heritage to future generations. We accept donations, make research and catalogue items and photographs connected to life at the Fiskars Ironworks. A part of the collections are stored in the Collection Center Leira in Tammisaari. The center that preserves collections from all Länsi-Uusimaa area is open for groups on request. Researchers are welcome by appointment to study the collections of the Museum.


Close to 6 000 objects related to Fiskars Ironworks make up the collections of the Museum. Some items from the collections are on display in the Museum’s main exhibition, others are in the Repository Rooms and displayed only in temporary exhibitions. The collection includes everyday items such as household utensils, furniture and textiles as well as produce made at the Ironworks.


The Fiskars Museum houses a collection of some 4 000 photos. The archive contains images from the 1860s to the present. The oldest photographs in the collection were taken by C.J. Malmberg (1824-1895), who was an itinerant photographer born in Pohja. Most of the photos depict people, landscapes and buildings connected to Fiskars or Pohja. Already in the 1930s, before the museum was founded, the Fiskars Local History Society collected photographs from the area. They were organized into albums entitled, for example, “Workers, Women, Different People and Landscapes”. For a fee, you can order copies of most of the images.


The museum’s props collections consists mainly of everyday items and textiles. It includes both old items, and new ones which have been made with old methods. The props collection is used for educational purposes, e.g. time travels.

Borrowing items from the collection

It is possible to order copies of most photographs in the image collection. Check our price list bellow and contact our Amanuensis for more information. To ensure the survival of the items in the collections to future generations, the Fiskars Museum lends items from the main collection only to professionally managed museums. However, according to agreement, objects from the props collection are available to anyone.


Do you have items, photographs or archival material that relate to the Fiskars Ironworks or Pohja Parish? The Fiskars Museum accepts donations of items linked to local history. Archive material is accepted at Pohja Localhistory Archive. The age is not decisive since we also collect information and objects reflecting on the life of today.

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The aim of this project is to restore and present Finland’s first and oldest narrow-gauge steam locomotive nicknamed Pikku-Pässi. With the completion of this project, a new learning environment will be created.