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Ironworks Villagers’ Activities

Join living history with the inhabitants of the Ironworks! You may have wondered how bread was baked in a woodfired oven, how fabric was made for clothes or how letters were written with inc pens earlier in days gone by? The Ironwork Villagers’ Activities offer an experience and opportunity to try out different traditional chores and hand skills. Participating is easy as no advance booking is required. The chores are suitable for both children and adults and are a great way to spend time with the family. In summer, grazing domestic animals can also be seen in the Museum area.

The Christmas Workshops

During Christmas season visitors can participate in different Christmas workshops, for example baking of gingerbreads or Christmas crafts, that are arranged at the museum.

Open: 2.12-16.12.2023, Sat 11am – 2pm
Location: Museum bakery and Museum building
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Material Fee: 3 €

No advance booking needed!


The Winter Break Workshops

During the Winter Break we arrange the sweetest workshops of the year. We make traditional candy and you can learn about the history of candy making. The workshop takes approx one hour and eight people can participate at a time.

Open: 22-24.2.2023, Sat 11am – 2pm
Workshops starts at 11am, 12am and 1pm.

Location: Museum building
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Material Fee: 5 €

No advance booking needed!

The Eastern Egg Workshop

At Eastern we arrange an Eastern Egg workshop, with inspiration from the world famous jewlery workshop Fabergé, that produced Eastern Eggs for the Royal families. What would your creation look like if you had been the designer at Fabergé? Get creative! Only your imagination is the limit.

Open: 8.4.2023, 11am – 2pm
Location: Museum building
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Material Fee: 3 €

No advance booking needed!

The Summer Chores

In the summer, you can meet the inhabitants of the old Ironworks going about their daily chores in the Museum area of ​​Hammarbacken. You will be able to take part in various chores like baking in the bakery and traditional handicrafts.

Open: 14.6.-11.8.2023, Wednesday – Friday 11am – 4pm

Location: Museum area
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Material Fee: 3-5 €

No advance booking needed to the activities!

Program in 2023

Wednesdays baking in a traditional baking oven
Thursdays traditional handcrafts
Fridays Work displays in traditional building techniques and cultural Environment 

June 16 Window Restauration 
June 30 Traditional Haymaking  
July 7 Birch Bark Work and rooflaying 
July 14  Scouring with linseed oil soap 
July 21 Traditional Decorative Painting  
July 28 Traditional Fence Building 
August 4 Traditional Decorative Painting  
August 11 Summer ending