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Ironworks Villagers’ Activities

Join living history with the inhabitants of the Ironworks! You may have wondered how flour was ground in a hand-mill, the dough was made, and bread was baked in a woodfired oven, or how the laundry was washed and mangled earlier in days gone by? Maybe you also have sometimes wondered what it would have been like to work at the workshops of the Ironworks and how casting is done? 

The Ironwork Villagers’ Activities offer an experience and opportunity to try out different traditional chores and hand skills. Participating is easy as no advance booking is required. The chores are suitable for both children and adults and are a great way to spend time with the family. In summer, grazing domestic animals can also be seen in the Museum area.

The Christmas Chores

In December, the folks in the Ironworks are in a hurry to prepare for Christmas. Come along to observe as we make  Christmas candles and Christmas tree decorations. Due to COVID-19, it won’t be possible to partake in these activities. It will however be possible to listen to live music and watch the village folk doing their chores.

Little Candle Workshop

Time: Saturday 28.11. and Saturday 5.12.2020 at 11–14. Location: The Bakery House of the Museum.

‘Himmeli’ Straw Decoration

Time: Saturday 12.12. and Saturday 19.12.2020  at 11–14. Location: The Main Building of the Museum.

The Summer Chores

In the summer, you can meet the inhabitants of the Ironworks going about their daily choirs in the Museum area of ​​Hammarbacken. Under normal circumstances, you would be able to take part in various chores such as baking bread in the bakery, casting tin soldiers in the foundry or do traditional handicrafts. However, due to the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, in the summer of 2020 it will not be possible to take part in the chores. Instead, you can follow the chores of the villager’s and chat with them to find out the latest gossip in the Ironworks!

Open: 10.6.-7.8.2020, Wednesday – Friday 11am – 4pm

Location: Museum area

Material fee: no fee in summer 2020

No advance booking

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

The Winter Chores

During the winter holiday week in February, you can take part in our popular candy workshops with the folks of the Ironworks. You will learn how sweets were made in the old days, and you can produce hand-made sweets, and, of course, eat of all the prepared delicacies. Winter chores are held at Café Hammarbacken, where you can buy Shrovetide filled buns and cocoa, among other things.

Open: February 19-21. 2020, Wednesday – Friday 11am – 2pm.

Location: Café Hammarbacken

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

Payment: only a material fee 3 €/person

No advance booking is requited, but please note that there is room for eight people at a time. The program lasts about 1 hour.