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Information for Museum Volunteers

Join Living History – Join the Museum Volunteers

The Museum has several groups of volunteers that form an important part of the activities of the Museum. One can participate in the activities according to personal interest and resources. Are you interested in the activities of one or several goups?

As benefits, museum volunteers are granted free admission to the Museum throughout the year, and they have the option to participate in museum study tours and excursions. Volunteers also receive a 10 % discount on all items sold in the museum shop and a 20% discount on space rentals. Furthermore, volunteers typically receive an information letter a couple of times per year.

Become a Re-enactor of the Museum

Are you a history enthusiast? Do you like performing, telling stories, traditional crafts, or singing or playing to a small audience? At the moment, we are recruiting more people to historical re-enactment, to preserve history by acting it out and to strengthen the exhibits of the museum. Re-enactors participate in the events of the Museum and the activities of the villagers of the Ironworks in the summer. Together we will find you a role and character in the history of Fiskars. We will dress you head-to-toe in period clothing drawn from our props collection. For further information, contact our Museum Lecturer.

Volunteer Groups


We have decided to follow the Raseborg city’s guidelines and take a break in our volunteer’s activities for now. We’ll keep you informed when the activities start again.

Friends of Pikku-Pässi

Experts drawn from various walks of life, who support the Museum in matters relating to the refurbishment, construction and maintenance of steam locomotives, carriages, and railways, can join the group. Read more about Save Pikku-Pässi-project here! 

Robert Louhimies

+358 45 322 4500


Youth of the 1950s

This group is made up of people who all lived their childhood or youth in Raasepori in the 1940s and 1950s. The group meets once a month to share memories over a cup of coffee. Contact us if you would like to join our meetings.

Johan Halttunen

+358 45 180 8111


Traditional Craftsmen

Join to learn or to teach a variety of traditional crafts.

Frida Westermarck

+358 45 315 8570



Re-enactors dressed up as historical characters of the Ironworks familiarize visitors with the history in the exhibitions and events arranged by the Museum.

Frida Westermarck

+358 45 315 8570


The Garden Group

Gardeners and non-gardeners alike who like growing plants and gardening are invited to design and maintain the garden of the Museum.

Frida Westermarck

+358 45 315 8570


Volunteer Work

Friends of the Museum assist in maintaining the Museum buildings, garden and outside works, and organizing events in the spring and autumn.

Contact and information

Frida Westermarck

Museum Educator

+358 45 315 8570