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Karin von Julin (1871-1914), the firstborn of Albert and Sophie von Julin, lived in the Fiskars Ironworks Manor House. Karin worked as her father’s, the Councellor’s, secretary. She was known for her active work in the Fiskars Ironworks. As a secretary Karin worked long days at the office, as office work started at 7 a.m. finished at 7 p.m. Because Karin was of noble descent and had an education, she was able to work as a secretary.

There were many active local associations in the ironworks that offered the workers different activities, and Karin longed for a place in the ironworks where everyone could enjoy culture together. In the 1890s, Karin founded an association called “Förening för Nytta och Nöje”, Benefit and Pleasure, which entertained the villagers with theatrical performances and parties. The only place available for the association’s activities was the cramped laundry room, where for example, a horn band, singing choirs, theatre groups and lecturers gathered. Karin launched a fundraiser for the construction of the Assembly Hall “Lokalen”, which was completed in 1896. From then on, the association’s performances had a worthy stage in Lukaali. Schoolchildren received free tickets to performances, as did families with many children.

Karin loved photography, and her photos convey her love for the Fiskars Ironworks. Karin and her sisters also enjoyed horseback riding, and they were a familiar sight riding through the ironworks. As women were still riding on saddles made especially for women at that time, people often wondered how the daughters stayed mounted while riding so fast.

Karin von Julin in her role costume for a theater play in Assembly Hall “Lokalen”. In front of her teacher Louise von Schlüter. Photo Fiskars Museum.
Karin on top of the Flaggberget hill. Behind her a cottage called Alphyddan. Karin has most likely taken the photograph herself with an automatic shutter release. Photo is take during the 1880’s or 1890’s. Photo Fiskars Museum.