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Life at the Fiskars Ironworks

The main exhibition of the museum explores the everyday lives of the inhabitants of Fiskars Ironworks as well as holiday celebrations from the 17th century to present-day. The exhibition starts with a theme room on the first floor, the contents of which change at regular intervals. In the Industrial Room, you familiarize yourself with the industrial products manufactured by Fiskars throughout the ages and the laboring in workshops at the end of the 19th century. The workers’ home presents the living conditions of working families in the Ironworks in the 1910s. 

Upstairs, the owner family von Julin and the developments of the 19th century, which represent the heyday of the Fiskars Ironworks, are presented. Cloths and accessories related to dressing are on display in the small room dedicated to the people of the Ironworks. In addition, you can use an entertaining game to find out who you are from the history of Fiskars Ironworks. In the final room, the progress of the “Save Pikku-Pässi” -project is presented. The goal of the project is to restore Pikku-Pässi, Finland’s oldest narrow-gauge locomotive, to working order and the narrow-gauge railway inside the Fiskars Ironworks.



During the general opening hours of the museum.
The entrance fee is included in the price of the museum entrance ticket.

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Christmas at Hammarbacken 30.11.2024-13.1.2025

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