Things to See & Do > The End=The Beginning – From Industry to Arts in Fiskars Ironworks 1.6.2022-30.4.2024

How did Fiskars Ironworks become the home of all the craftsmen and artists, that it is today? When did the last industrial activity move away from Fiskars? Have the famous Fiskars scissors, with the orange plastic handles, ever been produced at Fiskars Ironworks?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? In that case this exhibition is just what you need. We give you the answers on these, and many other questions about how Fiskars Ironworks turned from a industry to an artvillage during 1950-1990’s. For the curious ones, we have compiled a package of extra information on our web pages. Why not start reading right away about the Fiskars Ironworks modern history!

Read more about the decline of industry in Fiskars

Read more about everyday life in the ironworks

Read more about the buildings in the ironworks

Read more about the key figures of Fiskars’ transformation, Pojo-Kalle and Inko Lindberg

Read more about Onoma

Read more about the modern innovations of the 1960’s and 1970’s

Read Erja Huovila´s Recipe book of handmade paper


1st June 2022 – 30th April 2024

During the museum opening hours.

The entrance fee is included in the price of the museum entrance ticket.