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Guided Tours and Workshops

Museum items and their history opens a perspective on days gone by and offer a starting point to education. We recommend a guided tour for your visit, but the exhibitions can also be visited under the supervision of the teacher. During workshops we visit one of the Museum exhibitions and then we do traditional work in practice.

Good to Know Before Arrival

Below we have gathered some practical information for your benefit when you are on your way to us. Teachers can familiarize themselves with the exhibitions and functions of the Museum in advance and get some handouts, too. 

The teachers are responsible for their pupils for the duration of the visit. We ask to inform the children in advance that it is forbidden to touch the museum items. Every item with its history is unique, and it is important that they are preserved for future generations. However, children can touch and use the props they come across in time travels and the workshops.

If you are planning to spend the whole day in Fiskars, we recommend that in addition to a visit to the Museum, you try out the species-of-tree –path, visit the blacksmith, the glassblower or the paper workshop. Additional information on these activities and other destinations can be found on the Fiskars Village website.

A guided tour at the Museum (4-16-year-olds)

During the guided tour in the Museum exhibitions children will learn how iron was made several hundred years ago, why Fiskars was buit by a river and what the life of the ironworkers was like in the 19th century. Dont hesitate to contact us if you have any wishes considering the content of the tour.

Duration: 45 minutes

Group size: maximum of 25 people

Admission: free admission (up to 18-year-olds)

Guidance fee: €40/group (on weekdays)

Baking Workshop

In the Museum area, there is an old bakery and a mangle-room. In the workshop, we learn about local food traditions, grind flour, bake in the traditional wood fired oven and churn butter. At the end of the day, we feast on the bread that we managed to bake.

Duration: 1,5 h

Group size: maximum 12 children

Fee: €55/group + 3 €/person as material fee

Tin Workshop (ages 9 to12)

First, we visit the Upper Ironworks exhibition to learn about the production of iron. Afterwards everyone gets to cast a tin soldier in the foundry.

Duration: 1,5 h

Group size: maximum 8 children

Fee: €55/group + 5 €/person as material fee