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International Museum Day 18 of May


This year, the theme for the International Museum Day is “Museums, Education and Research.” ICOM wants to highlight the important role of cultural institutions in offering a comprehensive educational experience. Fiskars Museum celebrates International Museum Day on May 18 by offering free admission to the museum and showcasing how to build a traditional fence!

The knowledge of building traditional fences is an important part of our intangible cultural heritage. These fences have been used throughout Finland to enclose agricultural and residential areas, as protection for grazing livestock, wild animals, and against thieves. Building and maintaining these fences was everyone’s duty. The national laws contained detailed regulations regarding the construction and maintenance of these fences, and members of the village council typically conducted inspections of these fences, known as fence reviews. As far as we know, the construction of traditional fences is not taught at any educational institution in Finland today, but the knowledge exists with individuals. On Museum Day, visitors will have the opportunity to learn how to build a traditional fence in the museum’s garden, with Klas Österlund and his skilled colleagues serving as experts.


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