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Ironworks Villagers’ Stories


Join a guided walk in beautiful Fiskars Village together with the Iron Works Villagers´.  You will hear about the history of the Iron Works and about the Pikku-Pässi locmotive that used to run on the narrow gauge traintrack in Fiskars. Maybe you have seen Pikku-Pässi before and been wondering were the locomotive has dissapeared? The question will be answered during the guided tour! The tour starts by the Pikku-Pässi Jungle gym in the center of Fiskars Village.

Time: 24 June-2 August 2020, Wed-Sun 11.30am, 2.30pm
Startingpoint: By the Pikku-Pässi Jungle gym opposite the Kasarmi buildnings (200 m from the Market Squere)
Language: swedish, finnish, english
Groupsize: max 10 people
Fee: voluntary fee (We prefer card payments)
No booking in advance is needed!

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