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Christmas at Hammarbacken 26.11-13.1


The Christmas exhibition at Fiskars Museum brings traditional Christmas spirit from 26 of November until 13 January. During your visit you can buy unique gifts in our Museum shop. On Saturdays before Christmas non-stop workshops are arranged in the museum and the bakery.

Christmas Exhibition

In the workers’s home at Kullan the Christmas tree has been brought in and the dinner is served for a family of seven. At the ironworks mansion coffee and pastries have been served in the sitting room. Wonder what kind of gifts Albert von Julin has bought for his children this year?

Christmas Opening

The Christmas at Hammarbacken opens at 26 of November 11am to 4 pm. Here you will meet the Ironworks Villagers’ and maybe also the Christmas elfe, doing their Christmas preparations. They are happy to present the Christmas exhibition aswell. We have free admission during the opening day and Café Hammarbacken is open. Welcome!

Christmas Workshops

In this year Christmas workshops we bake gingerbreads and write Christmas letters with a traditional ink pens on a beautiful paper. The envelope can be stamped and sealed with a cachet.

Open: 26.11.-17.12.2022, Sat 11am – 2pm
26.11 Ginger bread bakning workshop and Christmas letter workshop
3.12 Christmas letter workshop
10.12 Ginger bread bakning workshop
17.12 Christmas letter workshop

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Material Fee: 2-5 €, No advance booking needed

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